Who We Are

Our team of pro-active writers have been on their fair share of fun runs and charity races, but none of them had written a blog before starting this website.

Having met through friends of friends, colleagues and at various races, they decided that there wasn’t enough information online to help convince existing runners into running for charity, or complete newcomers to taking their first steps in a race – so together they made the decision to start this blog.

You can get to know them a bit better in the section below:

Jess Sandhill – 29

“I first got running when my office was putting together a team for The Great North Run. I was such a couch potato back then and the thought of leaving my cosy living room to go and train through the pouring rain really didn’t appeal to me, but somehow I managed to change! That first run was the toughest that I’ve ever done, but completing it was also one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had – totally worth it!”

First ever run? The Great North Run 2013

Go-to running music? Anything by Beyonce.

Paul Terrence – 54

“I used to run cross-country when I was a teenager, but once I left school I forgot all about it. Over the years I ended up putting on quite a bit of weight and it took a well-aimed poke from my wife to convince me to get out running again! She suggested that I needed a new focus in my life, so I booked myself in for one nearby and got to it. Within four weeks of my new training schedule, I’d lost half a stone and was well and truly hooked!”

First ever run? Skegness Coasters 10k 2016

Go-to running music? Queen – every time!

James Jarvis – 31

“I’ve been running for years, but never considered doing it for charity until I ran the London Marathon back in 2010. It was my first time doing that race and although there were loads of serious runners like myself, I was surprised and touched by the number of amateurs in costumes there were putting themselves through the wringer for charity. That race inspired me to start fundraising myself.”

First ever run? Blackpool Half Marathon 2009

Go-to running music? Anything electronic with a great beat.

Beckie Smith – 21

“My Mum inspired me to do my first fun run when I was just 10 years old. Even though she was seriously ill (and out of shape) at the time, she had the determination to train and complete her first race. When I watched her cross the finish line I wanted to do exactly the same thing, and we’ve done every fun run together since!”

First ever run? Scouse 5k 2009

Go-to running music? Fleetwod Mac