Where Your Money Goes

We work hard to ensure that 70% of all money raised by Pass It On Africa goes straight to the projects we support. There are always costs associated with putting on a HEROES RUN event and although we strive to get services for free / at reduced rates, there are always costs we simply cannot avoid. Public liability insurance, Luitin van hire, toilet hire and first aid cover are just a few examples of costs incured by a HEROES RUN event.

Case Study - HEROES RUN Brighton 2011

Corporate sponsorship                                                                            £2,100.00

Race entries revenue                                                                               £10,574.13

Runners sponsorship                                                                               £7,859.43

On the day donations                                                                               £265.30

Merchandise                                                                                             £697.00

Event expenses                                                                                    -  £6,7524.00

TOTAL PROFIT                                                                                       £14,905.14


As you can see, 70% of the race entry fee covers the cost of the entire event. Therefore, 100% of your fundraising through HEROES RUN goes straight to our projects.

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