HEROES RUN Legacy: The enduring impact of lycra!

Over the last 12 years HEROES RUN has had far reaching benefits not only to Pass It On Africa but also our long list of charity partners and the wider community. This page is a brief summary of the events impact.

Pass It On Africa

As the principle fundraiser for the charity, HEROES RUN has had a huge impact on our annual fundraising efforts and therefore our projects in Africa.

The Tenderfoot School, Nairobi, Kenya

We have:

- Funded the construction of the school perimeter fence

- Funded the construction of a working school kitchen, providing meals for all the students

- Funded the construction of a 1 x 6 classroom blocks and 1 x 2 classroom block

- Set up a number of trust funds to support a selection of students secondary school education.

Tenderfoot now accommodates 400 students. Since 2007, 171 students have set their Primary 8 entry exams and gone on to secondary education.

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Dreamlands School, Akummadan, Ghana

We have:

- Funded the build of the entire infant school block.

- Funded the build of the school toilet block

- Funded the school borehole, providing clean eater for the entire Dreamlands community.

- Funded the build of the single story Junior school block

Dreamlands now supports nearly 600 pupils, including 70 orphans. In 2013 the first students graduated from Dreamlands – the class of '13. This was a landmark occasion and these ambitious pupils will certainly act as role models to the rest of the school.

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The Kwinella Lower Basic School, The Gambia

We have:

- Providied 3 x 100 watt solar panels - The panels were needed to power the water pump from the bore hole and to light the staff quarters and school library. This was necessary as the school has evening classes after nightfall.

- Funded the build of the schools perimeter fence, providing much needed security.

The Fresh Start Sills Centre - "The Hub", Busumbala, The Gambia

We have:

- Funded the entire build of the centre, including a 2 classroom Pre-school, accomodation for street children, a library, an Information Technology suite, guest rooms for visiting volunteers / teachersand the FSF administration office.

- The centre is now run idenpentantly by our charity partner, the Fresh Start Foundation.

The Hubopened in September 2013 with an initial intake of 104 infant school students aged 4-6. 

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Nyantonzi Prinary School, Uganda

We have:

- Funded the build of 3 classrooms and office.

- Provided 25 3-seater desks for each classroom.

About- Funded the creation of a school garden project.

- Funded a paretns supported learning program.

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Vinjujini Primary School, Kwale, Kenya

We have:

- Funded the build of 2 10 litre water tanks, two 4 door covered pit latrines and one hand washing station.

- Funded a training programme for scholl board management in maintaining sanitation facilites.

- Funded the production and print of training materials.

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