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Raise £20 for Pass It On Africa in 2016!

HEROES RUN v VILLAINS RUN is not just a race between good and evil, we are also asking Heroes and Villains to compete through their fundraising too! We have a 2015 target of £20,000 and are asking each runner to raise a minimum of £20 sponsorship.

100% of this money will be used for the Phase 2 development of the Nyantonzi Primary School in Masindi, Uganda. The 3 Phase / 3 year project will cost £66,191 in total. HEROES RUN v VILLAINS RUN 2014 raised £19,565, all of which was used for Phase 1 of the project. This project will not only see the schools capacity to take on new students rise by 300 but will also vastly improve the standard of schools teaching, facilities, support to students well being and aid / support parents in getting their children into school.Thanks to Pass It On Africa support, over the next two years Nyantonzi will develop into a sustainable and well-performing institution where all the children, girls and boys alike, receive a quality education in a safe and secure environment. The key areas and activities we will focus on will include infrastructure, resources and early learning.


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