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Fundraising Tools

Below are a selection of downloadable fundraising tools to help you raise money.


Sponsorship Forms You can use these forms to keep a record of how much your supporters have pledged to sponsor you. We recommend using physical forms as well as having an online fundraising page.

Sweepstake Forms Why not have a sweepstake at work - let your workmates guess your HEROES RUN finishing time and then donate the money to charity!

Sponsorship form
Sweepstake form

Sweetie Jar sign!

Simply buy one or two bags of sweeties and do one of the following:

1.Put them in a bowl and stick the sign blow on the front. Download a sponsorhaip form above.

2. Count them; put them in a jar get people to guess the weight, charge for each guess, whoever is closest wins the jar! Big or little kid’s people love a good game.

3. Send out an email asking people to simply visit your fundraising page (hint hint) tell them there’s something sweet in it for them. This will help you overcome the asking bit (which can be a bit daunting) and quash the procrastinators.

DIY Swear box

Swear Box!

A great way to get some loose change out of your potty mouthed collegues / family / friends. Simply print out the sticker below, wrap around a tin can and stick down with glue, hey presto!

Email signature strip

 Simply drag this image directly off our site and you can attach to the bottom of all of your emails. You can then link  it to your online fundraising page.

HEROES RUN signature strip

More fundraising options

Fundraising ideas
Fundraising ideas
Raise money online
Raise money online
Donate now
Donate now
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