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About Our Charity

Pass It On Africa is a charity run by dedicated people who work hard to help build schools and support education in some of the poorest areas of Africa.

 The charity was started in 2005 by James Macdonald and Matt Lambert. James and Matt ran the Dublin Marathon to help raise £1000 to buy shoes for the orphans of the Tenderfoot school, Nairobi, Kenya. The boys quickly discovered that Tenderfoot desperately needed to build a 6 classroom block. James promptly jumped on a plane, visited the school and the rest is history. From that point on, James and Matt were 100% committed to setting up a charity in order to help build the Tenderfoot school.

 The guys really enjoyed dressing up as superheroes for the marathon but were surprised how few costume runners there actually were. They decided to create a dedicated superhero fancy dress run and thus HEROES RUN was born.

 Fast forward 11 years and buying shoes has evolved into building and supporting schools in four African countries, and a few thousand pounds has become a few hundred thousand. The team has also grown into a core of half a dozen committed young people who share James and Matt’s passion. Everyone's professional skills are a huge help to Pass It On Africa and help keep costs to a minimum.

 As a group made up almost entirely of volunteers, we believe that charity work should be fun. As well as building schools in Africa, Pass It On provides an opportunity to build life long friendships  and have life enhancing experiences. We would love the team to continue to grow!

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