Creating Signs & Raising Visual Awareness

Part of the fun of taking part in a charity run is raising money and, perhaps most importantly, raising awareness for the cause that you’ve chosen to back. You’re not obliged to train for the run, as well as raise awareness for a charity, but if you manage to do both then you’ll have gotten yourself in shape whilst also doing a good deed – and you can’t say fairer than that!

Get creative with your awareness ideas and bring your A-game with these print-based ideas:

Put Up A Vinyl Decal Sign

You’d be surprised with how much you can get done with a small budget these days. Take to Microsoft Paint, or ask a skilled friend to create an eye catching design for you and then get it printed. There are plenty of online services that specialise in creating vinyl decals, but you might find that if you talk to a business in person and explain your motive they could cut you a better deal, especially if you’re going to be printing more than a couple. Once your decal is printed you can slap it on a white van, a window, or any big surface and let your designs to the rest of the work.

Print Some Personalised T-Shirts

Everybody loves a personalised T-shirt and with dozens of companies competing online, you shouldn’t struggle to find one to print a snazzy tee featuring your mug and chosen charity. Pop a link on there advertising your GoFundMe or JustGiving page and you’ll be able to raise money for your cause whilst you’re at it.

Create A Pop Up Shop

Selling something can be a great way to attract attention for your charity, whether it’s some cleverly crafted goodies or a batch of freshly baked cup cakes. Whether you’re selling your wares at work, school or at your local community centre, you’ll be able to put a smile on someone’s face whilst raising awareness for your charity. Make sure that you’ve got enough stock to sell, but be careful not to overspend, as you may end up sinking a lot of your own money into the endeavour in the process!

Buy Up An Empty Shop Window

There are empty shop windows all around the country and whilst this might be a reason to start questioning the lifespan of our dwindling economy, it’s also a golden opportunity for fundraisers to raise awareness for their chosen charities. Many empty shop windows can be rented out for a cheap price, so entrepreneurial spirits (or good-hearted samaritans) can show off their wares. Simply contact the person in charge of the space and then think up a creative display that will attract the attention of passers by!

Talk To A Local Business About Sponsorship

Strengthen your ties with the local community and barter yourself a sponsorship with a business who can support you financially, and also give your chosen charity a much needed boost in awareness. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are always eager to jump on board a charitable cause, especially when it means that their name will be associated with it.

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