Who’s Your Favourite Hero?

There are many different kinds of hero in this world, some heroes can be seen fighting fires, some are fighting cancer.

We’re firm in the belief here that you don’t need to be a fire-fighter or a police officer to be a hero. Heroes walk amongst us on a daily basis, they can be old or young, and they can be from all walks of life. Part of the brilliant things about heroes is that they’re not usually the type to blow their own horns, in fact you might know a person their whole life and be blissfully unaware that they’re one of the most heroic people you’ve ever met – that’s how modest they can be sometimes!

We thought we’d ask our writers about the heroes in their lives and how they’ve inspired us to run further and faster for all kinds of charitable reasons:

Paul’s Heroic Wife

“There’s no person that I respect more than my wonderful wife. She is the sole reason I’m the all singing, all-running person that I am today and I’ll forever be thankful to her for giving me the much needed push to do my first run. Of course, the sole reason I listened to her in the first place is because of how much I already respected her. She’s been my hero for years and will be so for years to come!”

Jess’ Best Mate

“My pal Jen is pure magic, she’s a real force of nature and capable of some serious motivation when the going gets tough. When I was training for my first serious run, Jen was the one person I’d go to for moral support. Whenever I felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere, or that I wasn’t going to make it, I’d give her a call and she’d talk sense at me until I was sure of myself again. I credit that first running success to her, as well as all my later successes!”

Beckie’s Super-Mum

“Mum’s always been there for me, but she’s also served as one of the best role models I’ve ever had. It was my Mum who inspired me to do my first run and she never ceases to amaze me with her can-do attitude and her generosity. She’s always the first person to volunteer for running events, so even when she’s not running, she’d helping out in some way and she never complains about any of it; what a legend!”

The Fab Co-Worker

“My best mate at work is a guy called Terry. To be perfectly honest I really wasn’t a fan of Terry when I first met him, maybe I was having an off-day or maybe it was the endless jokes he felt the need to tell me, but something just rubbed me up the wrong way about him. Of course, this soon changed when he helped me raise hundreds of pounds for charity. When I started fund-raising he was the first one to chip in, it wasn’t long before he was volunteering to organise a bake sale and even run with me!”

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