Spreading The Word: Where To Shout About Your Run

But don’t forget that you need to successfully raise some money for your charity of choice before you even think of about hitting the Start line.

The charity that you choose to raise funds for might be a large or it might be small, but should you wish to raise plenty of cash you’ll need to raise awareness for your efforts by telling people all about your goal!

Raising awareness can be as simple as picking up your phone, or sending out some letters, just don’t leave it to the last minute because you may find that you don’t hit your target. These tips have been designed to help runners make the most of the time they have and raise more money for their chosen charity:

Tell your class or work mates!

Your school, college, university or work place is a great starting point for your fund raising. Although your colleagues might think the know you, they might be surprised to find out that you’re doing something like this, so why not tell them? Marketing on campus or at work is as simple as setting up a cake stall, or making an announcement via email to let everyone know about your race and give them a chance to sponsor you. If you don’t try then how will you know?

Get on the phone to your family

Blood runs thicker than water – so if your friends at work or college aren’t being forthcoming then get the address book out and give your family a call. If you’re feeling particularly generous then you could always opt to ask them to donate to your cause in lieu of sending you a Birthday card that year. You can either ask for some cash, or set up a Just Giving page so that they can send you money online.

Look up events in your local community hall

Your local community hall or meeting space is a great venue to either set up a fund-raising event or tag onto an already existing event. There might be a bake sale that you can host a table at, a craft affair that you could organise a tombola for, or a coffee morning that you could donate a cake to. If you want to raise lots of money then you need to get out and meet as many people as possible, making extra effort will almost always result in more sponsorship

Fund raising is always tricky, especially when there are so many people trying to raise money throughout the year. Try not to feel too pressured to raise a fortune, the important bit is taking part!

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