Charitable Causes Worth Your Time

There are hundreds of worthy charities that you can run for, many of whom will happily send you a pack with branded goodies so that you can let everyone know who you’re running for.

In fact, there are so many charities that it can be a little difficult at times to figure out who to raise money for. For many people their choice of charity will usually be determined by something that happens to them in their life. A family tragedy or an unexpected diagnosis are often the instigating event that cause a person to make their choice of charity.

Should you be lucky enough not to be struck by misfortune, then you may be at a loss when it comes to pick which cause to support. If you find yourself knocking on contemporary doors and posting your efforts online then you may want to find a charity that you’re particularly passionate for.

Here are the charities that we’re particularly fond of:

Silver Fit

There aren’t enough charities promoting exercise, let alone exercise for the elderly, which is why we love Silver Fit so much. Silver Fit aims to get as many older people on their feet and moving as possible, and they do this by promoting free (or very cheap) activity sessions across the UK, giving thousands of older people across the UK the chance to get some much needed social time and exercise.

Find out more about their fantastic work on their site:

Activity Alliance

The Activity Alliance (formerly the English Federation of Disability Sport) has a super simple vision: Disabled people are active for life. It’s a vital one and something that’s so easy to get behind. Through enabling organisations to support individual disabled people, they’re hoping to see enhanced health amongst disabled people, not to mention a more equal society in which disabled people can achieve more.

Find out more about them on their site here:

Good Gym

The concept of Good Gym is a smart one, where everyone involved benefits from the charity and disparate human effort it combined to achieve a singular goal. This innovative scheme has been running for a number of years and has seen thousands of ‘missions’ get completed for older people who are in need of help, or simply some moral support. By signing up to become a coach, volunteers can take part in group tasks to help out older people or simply drop in and hang out for a bit.

Find out more about how you can help Good Gym here:


This charity’s purpose is far-reaching and important: to get more people from all walks of life more active, more often. As an organisation they are committed to promoting active lifestyles across all demographics and do this by facilitating partnerships, and creating world class memberships throughout the UK. They provide their partners with much needed support in order for them to support a greater network of future fitness fanatics.

Find out more about UKActive by heading to their site:

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