The 6 Charity Runs You Should Enter

Get ready to tackle one of these exciting runs!

Once you’ve got yourself trained up, why not look to tackle a real challenge in 2019?

If you’ve stuck with our blog since the start then hopefully you’ll have got to the point where you’re feeling ready to tackle your first serious foot race. We always recommend taking at least a year to build up your fitness before entering your first run. This preparation time is necessary to build up your confidence, as well as your fitness so that you can be as ready as possible for your big day.

These runs are amongst some of the most iconic in UK road races, as such they’re a magnet for athletes and running heroes alike, so if you want to run in one of them then it’s best to plan well ahead and get your application in early so that you can get on with training and fundraising!

London Marathon

Perhaps the most prestigious of all foot races in England, although the London Marathon has been surpassed in challenge by the recently created ‘Ultra Marathon’ class, it still remains one of the most exciting events British running events to take part in. The marathon is so popular that it is over-subscribed every year, you’re not likely to get in on the first application, but with each successive year that you apply your chances increase.

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Tough Mudder

Who would have thought that a 10 miles assault course could prove to be so popular? This extreme fun run has now become an institution, with annual events being held all across the country each year. Although there’s a competitive class that you can take part in, this is still considered a team event and one that should be tackled with friends – so get your pals together and get muddy!

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Chase the Pud York

Santa dashes don’t get any bigger than this! York’s Chase the Pud run is attended by thousands of people every year, despite the freezing the weather that is almost guaranteed during December. Entry to this festive fun run includes everything you need to don the iconic suit of St. Nick and all proceeds go towards the British Heart Foundation, a truly worthwhile cause that helps thousands of people each year.

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SimplyHealth Great North Run

The Great North Run is attended by over 50,000 people each year, making it the largest half-marathon in the world. Established in 1981, this race is attended by every kind of runner imaginable: from the fancy-dress wearing charity runners to world-class athletes such as Mo Farah! Due to its popularity, it’s important to get your entry in early and don’t skimp on training as this is a serious event that you’ll need to be fit for!

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Charitable Causes Worth Your Time

There are hundreds of worthy charities that you can run for, many of whom will happily send you a pack with branded goodies so that you can let everyone know who you’re running for.

In fact, there are so many charities that it can be a little difficult at times to figure out who to raise money for. For many people their choice of charity will usually be determined by something that happens to them in their life. A family tragedy or an unexpected diagnosis are often the instigating event that cause a person to make their choice of charity.

Should you be lucky enough not to be struck by misfortune, then you may be at a loss when it comes to pick which cause to support. If you find yourself knocking on contemporary doors and posting your efforts online then you may want to find a charity that you’re particularly passionate for.

Here are the charities that we’re particularly fond of:

Silver Fit

There aren’t enough charities promoting exercise, let alone exercise for the elderly, which is why we love Silver Fit so much. Silver Fit aims to get as many older people on their feet and moving as possible, and they do this by promoting free (or very cheap) activity sessions across the UK, giving thousands of older people across the UK the chance to get some much needed social time and exercise.

Find out more about their fantastic work on their site:

Activity Alliance

The Activity Alliance (formerly the English Federation of Disability Sport) has a super simple vision: Disabled people are active for life. It’s a vital one and something that’s so easy to get behind. Through enabling organisations to support individual disabled people, they’re hoping to see enhanced health amongst disabled people, not to mention a more equal society in which disabled people can achieve more.

Find out more about them on their site here:

Good Gym

The concept of Good Gym is a smart one, where everyone involved benefits from the charity and disparate human effort it combined to achieve a singular goal. This innovative scheme has been running for a number of years and has seen thousands of ‘missions’ get completed for older people who are in need of help, or simply some moral support. By signing up to become a coach, volunteers can take part in group tasks to help out older people or simply drop in and hang out for a bit.

Find out more about how you can help Good Gym here:


This charity’s purpose is far-reaching and important: to get more people from all walks of life more active, more often. As an organisation they are committed to promoting active lifestyles across all demographics and do this by facilitating partnerships, and creating world class memberships throughout the UK. They provide their partners with much needed support in order for them to support a greater network of future fitness fanatics.

Find out more about UKActive by heading to their site:

Getting On Your Feet: Running 101

To go from couch potato to fun-runner is no easy challenge, in fact your first 5k might seem down right daunting when you haven’t even ran 1km yet!

If you’re thinking about registering for your first run, but are worried that you might not be ready to complete it: stop worrying and start training. The first problem all runners face is motivation, if you’ve never ran before (except to catch the bus) then the prospect of doing so might seem rather momentous. Our runners, no matter how many miles they’ve covered, were all at this stage at one point in their lives – getting past it is the first real challenge.

Here are our pointers on how to get off the sofa and into your trainers:

Set Reasonable Goals

We’re all firm believers in the old adage of ‘mind over matter’ but just because you want to get jump off your sofa and straight into that 5k doesn’t mean you can. The best plan of attack is to build yourself up with reasonable goals and build up to the distance. Start with 1km walk every other day for a couple of weeks and then scale up the distance/speed as the weeks go on.

Feed Your Body

If you’ve not exercised for a long time (or never!) then you might not be aware of how exhausting it can be! Remember to plan a post-run meal so that you can properly refuel after each run. Even though you might not be covering that much distance to start with, you’ll never know, you’ll find that you’ll need more food than usual to keep you going through the day.

Equip Yourself

Don’t scrimp on equipment when you’re starting out. A good pair of running shoes with plenty of support is imperative for you to protect your knees and ankles. Running puts your joints under a much greater strain than walking, this impact can often be the cause of injuries, especially to those who are just starting out. If you know that you’re susceptible to injuries then make sure to take extra care and wear supports if you need them.

Find A Good Route

In order to get into a good routine you should find a route that you feel comfortable running repeatedly. By getting used to running the same route you can get a better grip on how your fitness is progressing and also start timing yourself. Whilst you might not be aiming to smash any world records, by tracking your improvement you’ll be able to keep yourself motivated to continue heading out for runs.

Join A Team

If you’re still finding that you’re lacking the motivation to get out running on a regular basis then you could consider joining a team or even a running club. You don’t need to be an athlete to join a running club, they’re full of people who are new to running just like you and are looking for more motivation. There are running clubs all around the UK, so don’t feel like you have to do this training alone!